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breath. >> more than 30 rounds of riddle the car. she says at one point, an officer reloaded and continued firing >> they killed my son, they never gave him a chance >> vallejo police told reporters that officers stopped the car to see what the men were doing in side can win romero was told to put his hands up, he left the car exposing what they thought was a weapon but was not a handgun. vallejo police later admitted it is a replica. her son is the seventh person to be shot by vallejo police this year and the fifth to die. >> it is always a pellet gun or a fake something, you know, nobody ever has a gun. how'd you shoot people who don't have weapons >> what the men did have according to police were drugs.
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a man sitting in the passenger seat is injured but will live. >> i just want justice. i want them to know that you cannot do this. >> romero family says he tells a different story and says that he not only was not armed but did not get out of the car. >> california's democratic party chair is making headlines just ahead of the convention. he was speaking with kcbs radio partner doug sovereign this morning when he likened paul ryan and the gop to an infamous nazi propagandists >> they lie and they don't, it's the big lie, if you keep repeating it >> this said they don't care about facts, they will lie, that is not a pejorative, to them it
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is probably a compliment >> is a former state senate president, a longtime democratic insiders it was not known for mincing words and republicans did not take is common as a compliment. he released a statement " i did not call republicans nazis, nor would i ever. if republicans are in salted i must humbly apologize to them or anyone who might have been offended ". more of that interview is on our website. president obama is defending himself against republican claims that the country is still headed downhill. the next few days will be all about the next four years in pushing for four more. >> charlotte is throwing a big party. before the democrats get down to business.
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actor and singer jeff bridges entertained the crowd at carolina fest and thousands of people collected pins t-shirts and other souvenirs celebration >> i think it is a great opportunity for people to come out and be together. >> democrats like kurt clay are having fun but also eager for the convention to begin. >> this is a magical moment not just for the african-american community but for all of america. i believe what the president has done for us has put us on the right path. >> north carolina is struggling with unemployment well above 9%. as president obama makes his way here he is on the defensive about the economy in toledo, the president rejected republican claims that the country is not better off than when he took office >> i bet you, i make that bet any day of the weekend because
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of that debt, three years later, that bet has paid off for america >> president obama except his party's nomination in charlotte on thursday. first lady michelle obama is already here. she took a tour of the stage where she will give a speech on the first day of the convention >> be sure to stay with us for continuing coverage of the democratic national convention. we will have live reports to route the week. you can also go to for the latest and go to 106.9 fm. >> republican presidential nominee mitt romney is already preparing for next month's debate. he is taking a few days off the campaign trail. his running mate paul ryan is not letting that stopped his momentum. he spent labor day rally in supporters at east carolina university >> after four years of getting
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the runaround is time for an american turnaround and the man for that job is mitt romney >> he also promised the crowd a simpler tax code that would help small businesses keep more of their money. >> a small group of protesters in san jose spent labor day the milk away millions of and other americans did, they barbequed. the difference is where and why they did it >> it was an unusual protest in that they took it to the home to give a neighborhood in of a city administrator. they said they were protesting firefighters and police and then got into a confrontation that is liable to prove costly >> a small group of activists protesting cuts in police and firefighter pensions took their case to the home of the manager of blaming her for passed measure be pension cuts as well as san jose's public safety problems >> there is coordination between laying off, and
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firefighters and a skyrocketing murder rate. you guys in the media keep saying what is going on in and it is pretty obvious >> when protesters tried to set up a barbecue, a violation of the code, police officers stepped in >> we do appreciate the thought and any support we can get in law enforcement but this is not the way to do it and i would really appreciate if you could just go to the corner and do that >> this may be the only way to do it >> after polite discussion protesters agreed to accept a citation and leave rather than be arrested. >> is absolutely worth it if it highlights the plight of cops and firefighters then it is absolutely worth it >> it speaks to where the city's priorities lie because if we had been out here without a sign or anything going on or we were just offering food to people in the community, would we have
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been fined? no >> they moved down to the corner of the park where others were celebrating labor day with their own barbeques. protesters say they plan other protest at the homes of city officials in the weeks ahead. >> we all know what it means for produce to beat organically grown. does that make it more nutritious? new research is debunking a common perception >> thousands are being told to watch out after two students got sick at a major bay area university >> you're looking live at mobile 5 on the dumbarton bridge. ,,,,,,,,
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>> thousands of students at san francisco state university been warned about a highly contagious virus that is going around
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>> mike sugarman on the feeling around campus >> it is nauseous and headache and maybe a little scratchy because there is a chicken pox on the san francisco state university campus. getting to know people at school starts at san francisco state may involve more than the usual what is your name or major. are you tired? >> no >> do you have a rash that turns to fluid fills gaps? >> no i don't >> there is a highly contagious virus floating around >> we have had two cases of chickenpox diagnosed on students >> the health center director says the cases have nothing to do with each other, coincidence, but that's what happens when kids from all over the country gathered at places like a college campus >> is an infectious disease that is highly contagious >> you may be at the other side
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of the room were in the same building and have been affected >> if you have added or have had a vaccine you are immune and roughly 85 percent of people are but it spreads easily and the two patients were in several buildings before they were sick. one of them lived in student housing >> after they sent out an e-mail the school hosted a dance for all the students and everyone there was touching and stuff like that, so i don't understand >> official said there was a decision not to cancel any activities or class is, just to make sure that students get a vaccine if they have not had one. that is the main idea to get a vaccine and a whole new shipment of vaccines are coming in tomorrow. they don't want you to go to the health center, there is a phone number you are supposed to call because if you go in there you get everyone sick.
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>> usually you get this when you are in kindergarten or first grade >> the fact is a childhood vaccine, most kids don't even know if they have it >> do you choose to eat organic because it is healthier for you? why that is not necessarily the case. >> buyer beware, especially when your purchase comes in the mail. how group of senior citizens learn the hard way that shipping insurance can sometimes be crucial. >> here is a live look outside, sunshine for many of you. find out why a tropical system to our south,, [ male announcer ] it started long ago.
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>> many people go for organic food because they think is healthier to eat >> that is not the case all the time. there may not be as many added benefits and organic products as we might think. >> this family chooses organic as often as possible, they hope
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it cuts down on pesticides and hormones of >> decibels in dairy for sure and the meat, mostly organic >> new research shows when it comes to nutrition there is no difference between organic and regular foods. >> there are generally the same amount of vitamins and nutrients regardless of what types of fruits or vegetables you by >> to review look at pass studies that looked at on processed foods. researchers did find that eating organic fruit and vegetables reduced exposure to pesticide residues 30 percent of levels were also within safe limits in non organic foods >> the evidence shows we're not eating as many fruits and vegetables as we should and i think that is actually one of the main conclusions of the study is that people should be eating more fruits and vegetables clearly and at this point there is not as much evidence to suggest that there
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is a difference between organic and conventional. we should just be eating more of it no matter which one we by >> she says her family will keep spending extra for organic because she feels it is best for children >> to grow healthier without so much bad exposure of these chemicals >> no matter what you choose, experts say it is important to watch all fruits and vegetables before you eat them. >> a teenager is in police custody tonight accused of stabbing a man in east palo alto. officers responded to a fight at 3:00 this morning. they found a man seriously injured. two hours later a 17 year-old reported he was robbed and cut. that teenager admitted to the stabbing. for the third time in the past two years a 1991 oakland hills
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fire monument has been vandalized. the sculpture was damaged some time over the weekend. the oakland landscape committee hopes to raise money to restore the sculpture and to invest in video surveillance. protesters rallied for safer conditions outside the chevron refinery today. it has been exactly one month since the fire there. roughly 60 demonstrators including an activist in the sheehan joined the protest. they're calling for oil companies to be nationalized and for chevron to compensate the community for contamination. >> work at the dumbarton bridge is moving so slowly they are looking to reopen the bridge by 7:00 tonight. it was expected to be closed until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. crews are replacing a seismic joint with a new one that will allow the bridge to move safely during an earthquake
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>> the weather has cooperated, the job has gone smoothly, we build in some contingency time and we have not had to use too much of it >> this is the last closure for the project that is expected to finish up early next year. as for the fremont street closure, it is over. it was expected to last the entire labor day weekend but it opened a day ahead of schedule. crews installed a second temporary bridge on the road that will allow them to continue digging for the new transit center. >> a fast-moving wildfire has forced thousands of labor day weekend visitors out of the l.a. national forest in southern california. billowing smoke could be seen for miles. the fire has burned at least 4,000 a.. no structures are threatened at this point.
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more than 100,000 people are still without power in the wake of hurricane isaac. outages have spread across three states. flood waters continue to linger in low-lying areas. grants for temporary housing and repair work is now available for hurricane victims. >> paul is joining us tonight monday through friday. >> no better place to live or work in the bay area. i could not be happier to join the team. >> your coming from seattle but you have family here >> my wife was born here and most of my wife's family is here and i'm sure you're watching, hello! the bay area is a destination in this business and for our family and we couldn't be happier >> you get to know all of the
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microclimates and get to know them well >> we had the temperature shift driving in tonight. we go from the 90's to the '60s in pretty quick order. beautiful at the bay bridge with blue sky. livermore, 94 degrees compared with san francisco at 64 degrees. san jose 67 and conquered 92. cloudy at the coast as you have been for much of the day today. 59 degrees today, a beautiful evening in the bay. fire up the bar-b-que, 84 degrees in wind. the satellite review shows do not much is going on. the marine layer is thin and will likely stay at the coast but there is tropical moisture to the south that will fire up some moisture in our direction which will translate to cloud cover. you'll notice in increase
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wednesday or thursday and you can see that played out in future cast. much of the moisture staying at the coastline for the next couple of days but tuesday afternoon we will begin to see an increase in clouds and probably a pretty big change on thursday. fog will likely stay at the coast migrating inland this evening and you wake up to cloud cover in the bay as well. tomorrow, 90s in the inland locations. temperatures for tomorrow, santa clara topping out at 87. union city at 87. ninety's once again, and 94 in walnut creek. san francisco topping out in the mid-60s. here is the extended forecast.
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right around 74 the bay with mainly cloudy skies on wednesday. you will see an increase in sunshine starting friday and next weekend, we're back to the '90s in the valleys and '70s in the bay. >> giants or a is? forty-niners or raiders? >> we will say that. that is a good teas. right now is everyone. >> we want to let people know that roberta gonzales is still with the team, she has a new assignment, she will be bringing us whether stories from around the bay area. there is a story playing out right underneath everyone's noses. ryan mcintosh from san antonio is a ball boy who lost his leg after stepping on a landmine in afghanistan. he says he hopes to inspire
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others by being invisible. >> a pricey bingo machine ends up a bus for a group of northern california seniors. a hard lesson they learned about online buying and shipping. >> one day before their convention democrats are struggling to,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> a group of northern california seniors is learning a hard lesson about online buying and shipping >> actually wants answers who pays for their damage product online. >> window is a popular pastime. >> i love going to play >> when the seniors here needed and easier to read and go board they spent two and a half years raising more than $1,000 but
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this is how other new board showed up, crushed in transit, and usable and unable to be fixed >> it leaves you in limbo >> it is something they really worked hard for and it broke my heart >> , works for the senior center and found the board on ebay but says the private seller needs to be paid outside of the auction site which would keep him from paying ebay that cut it requires and in the process he did not give them an option for insurance. >> they wanted to give me $28.50 for a $1,000 board >> once a shipment leaves a sellers' hands it technically becomes or responsibility unless you insure it >> if it is destroyed in you not have insurance you're at the behest of the carrier >> because it was paid for outside of the bay that site could not help and the seller said it was not his
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responsibility to offer insurance. when the company that arranged the shipping heard the story it came to the rescue agreeing to refund the seniors in total. the moral of the story, if the item is valuable and coming in the mail, insure it. either the center or the shipping company is responsible for damage. ebay did investigate this case but said it did not have enough information to go after the seller. if you have copd like i do, you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that feels like. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. and it's steroid-free.
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you could have a tighter family. ♪ wells fargo. together we'll go far. >> here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news tonight. days to go until the race for the cure, donations are way down. the apparent impact of the planned parenthood outrage. screens are being silenced on the bay area rollercoaster. those stories tonight at 6:00. the cbs evening news is next. >> the latest news and weather always on >> we will see you at 6:00.
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